Practitioner Development.

You’ve been out of uni for a few years now. You’ve done some courses and you’ve even started to develop your own theories about how to help people and solve problems. All your patients keep telling you how awesome you are and most patients are getting better.
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Practitioner Development

Everything went right in that consult, the diagnosis was accurate, I gave them the right exercises.. But why isn’t the patient getting better?

Ask ‘why’ until you can’t ask ‘why’ anymore… My mantra when trying to solve my patient’s problem. I would never be satisfied with not knowing..

“Why should I use this technique and not another?”
“Why is this technique effective?”
“Why did the problem develop in the first place?”

Doing course after course to learn how to uncover problems and at the very least, ‘understand’ them.. Courses would always help me - some of the better ones I would accumulate a dozen ‘take-aways’, but would only be able to apply 2 or 3 things..

Having run workshops and also been part of conferences, it is clear to me that practitioners are craving ongoing mentorship.

You want someone that will give you their undivided attention
You want someone that will give you objective, unbiased and uncensored information
You want someone that will help you identify where you’re development opportunities are professionally and personally
You want someone that can help you identify the things you didn’t realise you didn’t know
You want someone that can help take you to the next level as a practitioner

Make the call to collaborate and invest into your developme

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