The Truth


People can tell that I’m curious, and I love to search for the truth in things. There’s no denying though, there are some ‘truths’ I prefer over others. There’s an internal rumble when I hear something I don’t agree with – even if I haven’t figured out why yet.

“So what do you think is really going on here?”

I’ve been asked this question so many times with respect to the spread of this pandemic. Was it planned?
What’s the real agenda?
Should we go into lockdown?
Do you think all our measures are an overreaction?

I recently wrote about Hofstede’s “Uncertainty Avoidance” and I strongly believe people want the ‘truth’ to mitigate their avoidance of the uncertainty that they are faced with. People are looking to connect with others that share their beliefs. So many speculations and ALL of them are subject to confirmation bias. You look for what you believe to be true.
“It’s written in the bible”
“They just want to create another vaccine”
“They want to roll out 5G”
…..whatever it may be…..

In Winston Churchill’s famous words “Never waste a good crisis” – our governing bodies would be stupid not to use this for some benefit (and if they don’t and we will label it ‘weak leadership’)

Coincidences are always convenient – but they can be misleading. My experience as a Chiropractor has taught me not to assume causation or correlation just because two separate things coexist. In Malcolm Gladwell’s most recent work Talking to Strangers he refers to this as “coupling” – people will tend to associate an action only in a particular setting. I wonder how many ‘truths’ people are buying into because they are “coupling” it with our current COVID-19 pandemic?

I care deeply about the truth, because it affects humanity – and my experience as a human within it. Often, when I search for it, it leaves me feeling unsatisfied and helpless. It’s like an interconnected bottomless pit.

No matter how hard you search, you will always fall short of answering all your questions. All you can do is fill that void with speculations and malevolence of those that control the globe. Instead, try to fill the void with faith. It takes courage, which is why I’ll encourage you to believe in an optimistic view of the world – that things will get better from here. Become the owner of the belief that you can prosper in the toughest environments and you just need to learn how.

I’ll stay intrigued and curious in my search for ‘the truth’ – but it’s not MY truth.

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