Hi, I’m Nick Papastamatis.

I have invested in my education personally, professionally and in business. I’ve had some roller coaster experiences along the way - and I couldn’t be more grateful for what I’ve learnt so far.
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I have been there and made many mistakes.... I've struggled as a Chiro early in my career I started a business thinking I knew what to do - and almost lost my business I hired the wrong people I've faced into the hurdles and overcome them as a practitioner and business owner. I've had to go through paying for the mistakes and taking the lessons away, so now I can see the problems before they happen

A quote that has stuck with me since University (2010 graduate)…

“If you want to earn more, learn more”


This quote alone has been the recipe for what I have accomplished and what I will continue to accomplish.

I have invested in my education both professionally and in business - and to date, there has been no lesson that I’ve regretted learning.

Some highlights for me professionally is the foundation that doing (and re-doing) multiple ART courses gave me in terms of ‘hands-on’ skill, anatomy knowledge and an understanding of functional anatomy. Having also done multiple other courses as well along the way, it has taken quite a few years to really appreciate where they all fit in to practise - and I’m still working on that.

Professional experience in Sports Chiropractic has ranged from working with Wentworthville Magpies in 2011, State league Netball helping Baulkham Hills, CrossFit Regionals 2013-2018 and CrossFit Games in Carson, California, and more recently getting involved with Powerlifting Australia and working with some individual professional athletes in Rugby League and AFL.


In my first 2 years of practise, one of my biggest issues was that I had clients telling me about their problems with a gym related movement, but had no practical way of testing their movement.

So, establishing Balance Health & Performance in 2013, was originally set up as a Sports Chiropractic clinic to solve this problem by always having access to a gym.

"Since then, I have invested heavily in learning more about business, both in terms of personal education, mentors and professional advice."

Whether it’s for a patient, a practitioner or any other health professional, I love the feeling I get when I help people. In particular, I love empowerment. The moment when someone understands something and then applies it going forward.

I am on a quest to continue learning, applying and adapting, whether it’s in health or in business and then impart what I’ve learnt to those who are willing to listen.

I am proud to be leading a team inspired to Make a Difference to People’s Lives.

My main focus is to help the team develop professionally and personally. It is important to me that allied health practitioners (Chiros/Physios/Osteos) have the opportunity to be in a workplace which they enjoy being in and feel they have the freedom to provide evidence based healthcare and apply the true essence of their training.


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